Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins

Head of SME Data Sales

Hey! I’m Matt. I’ve now been with TwentyCi for a while, having joined in 2011. I started out as the telesales exec for the team and have grown with the company to now being Head of SME Data Sales for the MoverAlerts product. Over my years with the company, I’ve attended too many industry events to remember – although that could possibly be because of the alcohol involved at the events!

In my previous working life, I’ve also been an estate agent for 5 ½ years and have also done van delivery work too, so have a good understanding of the home mover market and also manual handling training! Outside of the office, I’m often found either at the gym, photographing or watching my beloved Luton Town playing football!

Sue Schonberger

Sue Schonberger

Account Manager

I have been with TwentyCi for since 2013 and have worked with MoverAlerts for the whole of that time. I believe passionately in customer service and know that our clients always have a choice and that we must never take them for granted. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and dote on my 3 granddaughters - I even fly regularly across to the other side of the world to visit them!


Marlon Waters

Account Manager

I’m Marlon, Marlz, or sometimes just….M! I joined TwentyCi in 2021 and proud that I’ve survived the first stamp duty rush, crashing out of the Euros, and perfecting my virtual meeting etiquette. My background is predominately Account Management and have experience in social media marketing and strategy.

I love to travel and see different corners of the world, and also love food – these go hand in hand…yet, my favourite meal is Spag Bol! Can’t beat it. In my spare time I’m typically in the gym or planning releases for my podcast.


Dean Strolia

Sales Executive

Hello! (Again!?) – I have been with TwentyCi since 2017, although I did have a year and a half away from the business from 2020 till end of 2021, I am delighted to be back like I never left! Outside of TwentyCi I have spent some time in national vehicle deliveries which definitely puts the various postcodes on a screen into perspective! Always happy to share my knowledge on how our addresses can help benefit your business so give us a call today!


Matthew Iskandar

Sales Executive

Hi, I'm Matt and I've just recently joined the TwentyCi family! I have a huge background in residential lettings, sales and property development & management both inside and outside the UK over the past 10 years. Over that time, I’ve won awards and been highlighted within corporate companies along the way for my love and implementation of customer service. Being a skilled fan of marketing and business development, joining TwentyCi was clearly the path for me and I cant wait to get properly stuck in.

In my downtime, I love watching TV, movies and playing games, I'm light-hearted, fun and try to make the most out of every day and make people smile. I have an amazing fiancée, a crazy pet cat called Balou and look to escape the world and travel as many times during the year as possible.


Oli Swinscoe

Sales Executive

Hi, I’m Oli and I joined TwentyCI in 2022 as part of their ever-growing Mover Alerts team. I am a young and passionate character looking to further explore the world of sales and expand on the various aspects I have explored thus far! In my spare time, you can catch me on the many football pitches around Bedfordshire or with my mates down the pub drowning my sorrows watching the decline of my team, Manchester United.


Rob Lynam-Wilkes

B2B Product Owner

Hey, I’m Rob. I am the Product Person for MoverAlerts. I have a real passion for working on products to help enrich people’s lives. Whether it’s helping “buy back time”, or just entertaining yourself and curing boredom, I like to be helpful in any way.

Outside of work, I love to be active or up to something. I like to go to the gym, play and watch various sports, travel the world, go to gigs & live events, as well as learn new things. I am always up for a challenge.

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