What our customers say

“The quality of the surveys that arise from the Mover Alerts supplied by TwentyCi are infinitely better than ones we get from other sources and result in an acceptance rate of over 50%. I would be happy to recommend them.”

Lynda Luard. Goodmove

“Excellent value for money! It certainly accounts for 20% of our work and we will shortly be contacting you to enquire about expanding our areas  

Graham E Ham, Manns Removals

‘Yours are much better and as a result we only use MoverAlerts now. The different filters available mean the product can be tailored to our individual needs and target market. We find that the majority of our surveys arise from these MoverAlerts’

Paul Smith.  CJS Removals

‘What differentiates TwentyCi MoverAlerts from the competition is the fact that it’s an initial contact as opposed to a quote. Often when you quote someone online with the information they have supplied, you have to increase the quote when you actually do the survey which often puts them off altogether. A less pressurised approach works much better.’

Shula Howard.  Alan Cook Removals

“The Mover Alerts supplied by TwentyCi represent excellent value for money as they are so targeted and enable us to reach the customers that best suit our business.”

Bernice Pardy. R.H. Pardy & Co.

‘We have tried other lead suppliers but overall we have found that MoverAlerts generate more work and give us a much better return on investment.’

Alan Eldridge. Kestrel Removals

‘We have used other lead generation sources but have come to the conclusion that MoverAlerts are a lot better. Currently they account for approximately 35% of our business.’

Steve Webber.  Maidmans Removals

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